Sacred Winds Ensemble and Ministries

Christian outreach through the arts, music, and education.

Printed Programs

The Body of Christ (pdf) | June 2005

Praise to the Lord | June 2006

Ten-Year Anniversary (pdf) | June 2007

That They May Know Him (pdf) | June 2008 (Baptist Church Music National Conference, New Orleans, LA)

The Great Shepherd (pdf) | June 2009

Kentucky Music Educators Association Conference (pdf) | February 2010 (Kentucky International Convention Center, Louisville, KY)

The Five Solas (pdf)| June 2010

The Word Became Flesh (pdf) | June 2011 (The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, KY)

Songs, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs: The Gospel in Appalachian Music | June 2012 (Paramount Theatre, Ashland, KY and Outreach Tour to Charleston, SC)

Celebrating God’s Faithfulness (pdf) | June 2013

A Mighty Fortress Is Our God (pdf) Expositional Hymnsing October 2013 (In partnership with First Baptist Church, Hazard, KY)

God’s Song of Salvation: Christ as Prophet, Priest, and King (pdf) | June 2014 (In partnership with Allen Baptist Church, and Grace Baptist Church at the Centre for Rural Development, Somerset, KY)

The Word Became Flesh Christmas Musical | December 2015 (In partnership with First Baptist Church, Pikeville, KY)

Part One of the Five Solas Series – In Christ Alone | June 2015  (Tour through Eastern and Central KY)   purchase cd recording

Part Two of the Five Solas Series – These Great Things: By Grace Through Faith (pdf) | June 2016  (In partnership with First Baptist Church, Pikeville, KY) – additional information

Part Three of the Five Solas Series – Soli Deo Gloria: Glory to God Alone (pdf) | June 2017 (In partnership with First Baptist Church, Pikeville, KY)

The Gospel (pdf) | June 2018 (In partnership with First Baptist Church, Pikeville, KY, and Grace Baptist Church, Somerset, KY)

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“I am impressed that the group is not satisfied with merely playing the standard repertoire.”

Thomas W. Bolton, Ph.D.
The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

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