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Christian outreach through music and education.

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  In Christ Alone Milner: All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name Nagel: Voyage of Discovery Maslanka: Unending Stream of Life VanderGheynst: Just A Closer Walk With Thee More information     2010 Kentucky Music Educators Association State Conference Performance VanderGheynst: Triad Fanfare Menin: Canzona Mahler: Um Mitternacht | Teresa Alzadon, soprano Grainger: Blithe Bells […]

The Transcendentals: Truth, Goodness, and Beauty

by Bill Haynes Have you ever gotten out of bed in the morning and thought, “I hope I can find a little good and a little evil today?” Or, “I’m looking forward to having some falsehood mixed with any truth I encounter today?” I seriously doubt that you have. We are just not wired that […]

June 2019 Concert Online

David Gillingham: With Heart and Voice Ralph Vaughn Williams: Voluntary on Old One Hundredth G. F. Handel (Bersaglia): Eternal Source of Light Travis Cross: Let the Amen Sound Philip Sparke: Movement 3 from Dance Movements Andrew Peterson: Is He Worthy Dmitri Shostakovich (Hunsberger): Festive Overture Watch the live feed from our performance at Grace Baptist Church on Facebook by […]

Sacred Winds Members Travel to Ecuador

Following each of the four concerts, ensemble members will distribute bibles and Christian books translated in Spanish sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We will also provide a bible class at the Orquesta Sínfonica Cristiana del Ecuador collaborating with Guayaquil missionaries.

What Is the Nicene Creed?

It was the first creed fashioned and approved by the consensus of church leaders.  It became a theological standard for correct belief (orthodoxy), with particular emphasis on Jesus.

2018 Summer Concert | June 10 and 11

Please join the the Sacred Winds Ensemble for our twenty-second annual summer concert as we give a musical narrative to the Nicene Creed. The program features works by Ron Nelson, Keith Getty, Jeff Lippencott, Frank Ticheli, and others.

Maranatha! Come Lord Jesus

Sacred Winds is excited to partner once again with First Baptist Church to present Maranatha! Come Lord Lord Jesus. The program features the First Baptist Church Celebration Choir and Children’s Choir accompanied by members of the Sacred Winds Ensemble. The program begins at 6:00 PM on Sunday, December 17 at First Baptist Church of Pikeville, […]

Dr. James Castlen Retires from Board of Directors

In February 2017, Dr. James Castlen retired from the Sacred Winds Ministries Board of Directors. A founding member of the ministry, Dr. Castlen served with grace and enthusiasm offering wisdom grounded in years of Biblical study and service to the mission field. He and his wife Shelby served with the International Mission Board in the Philippines […]

Creation, Fall, Redemption, and Consummation: How the Reformation Brought Light to Scripture’s Metanarrative

by Bill Haynes Metanarrative – the word itself is somewhat intimidating. It’s not a word that we use in normal everyday conversation. When we talk about metanarrative, we are simply referring to the “big story.” The story that gives everything else its proper place within the story. In the Reformation, there was a return to […]

Sola Gratia and Sola Fide: The Gift of Justification

by John Lucas Suppose  someone comes up and, without warning, punches you in the nose. Now even though it really hurt, you decide you are going to be the bigger person and forgive that person. But instead, they reply, “You don’t need to forgive me, I have already forgiven myself!” Now on top of that, […]


"Their spiritual unity and commitment to their collective mission—as well as their superb musicianship—allow them to play as one, under the inspired leadership of their conductor."

Teresa Alzadon, Soprano
Staff Sergeant, The U.S. Army Field Band

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