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Christian outreach through music and education.


Your recording of "Voyage" is brilliant!!! Great intonation, tempo choices, balance, and attention to detail! It is certainly THE definitive recording. Your program notes for the entire CD are really good. I just listened to the CD in its entirety, and there's no doubt you have added a serious gift of music to the musical world.

Jody Nagel
Composer, Voyage of Discovery

Your performances of the Symphony No.7 movement [IV] are very touching and beautiful.  You have done fine work under very restricted circumstances.  It is quite clear that your players are deeply involved in the music.  So, what would it take for you to do the entire Symphony?

David Maslanka

"I recently heard it said that belief is passive, but that faith is belief-in-action. As founder and Artistic Director of Sacred Winds, Scott Bersaglia is truly a man of faith—he has put his beliefs into action in a most beautiful way: through music. What impressed me most about my experience as a soloist with Sacred Winds was this: despite the fact that the individual members are scattered across the United States and only rehearse as a group for a day or two before a performance, the cohesiveness of the ensemble is absolutely astonishing—as if they play together every day. Their spiritual unity and commitment to their collective mission—as well as their superb musicianship—allow them to play as one, under the inspired leadership of their conductor."

Teresa Alzadon, Soprano
Staff Sergeant, The U.S. Army Field Band

“I am impressed that the group is not satisfied with merely playing the standard repertoire. You seem to realize that creativity should be very much a part of our identity and duty as Christians, as we reflect the image of the Creator Himself.”

Thomas W. Bolton, Ph.D.
The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary


Your performances of the Symphony No.7 movement [IV] are very touching and beautiful.

David Maslanka

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