Sacred Winds Ministries

Christian outreach through music and education.

Mission Statements

Sacred Winds Ministries, Inc. Mission Statement

Sacred Winds Ministries, Inc. exists to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ by providing opportunities that edify people in Biblical knowledge and understanding.  Therefore, in defense and confirmation of the Gospel, and undergirded by the ministry of music, the organization seeks to:

provide study, sound teaching, and exposition of the Holy Scriptures;

assist people in the areas of the music, music ministry, discipleship, and curriculum; and

present lectures, services, concerts, educational symposia, and collaborative projects that assist in the spiritual development of individuals and the church.

Sacred Winds Ensemble Mission Statement

The Sacred Winds Ensemble was founded upon the core beliefs that the highest excellence in music-making should be found within the Christian community as a symbol of our reverence and adoration of a perfect God and that music as an art form and an act of worship can have powerful and transforming effects when based upon the truths of the Holy Scriptures.  For these reasons, the ensemble seeks to:

renew the spirit of excellence once found within Christendom in respect to music making, promoting no agenda of musical styles, idioms, or preferences, but seeking freedom from human limitations through dependence upon the Holy Spirit of God in the programming, commissioning, and performing of sacred repertoire;

commission new works and arrangements of the highest caliber by today’s art music composers for the expansion of repertoire;

foster the appreciation of music in the community through innovative programming and artistic performances while maintaining accessibility to our audiences;

allow musicians, both professional and amateur, to enjoy the high calling of making music for the glorification of God and as a ministry to others; and

present the Gospel of Jesus Christ unashamedly.

Commitment to Biblical and Artistic Education

Biblical and artistic education are principle priorities of the ministry.  Performances are regularly accompanied by authoritative information disseminated through biblical commentary and exegesis, musical commentary, and extensive program notes.  The Music Director is responsible for the musicological, exegetical, and hermeneutical research necessary to prepare notes and commentary for each program.  Meanwhile, guest composers – those commissioned for a current work – have been invited to speak on their pieces, both to the musicians and to the audience. The ministry also pursues frequent collaborations with churches and other organizations.

Even though the Sacred Winds Ensemble is composed primarily of professional musicians, the ministry frequently seeks out highly motivated, precocious young musicians who are in their final years of high school or undergraduate studies to participate with the ensemble.  This provides a unique and rare opportunity for a young player to sit amidst the musicianship he or she hopes to achieve.  The musicians receive instruction in performance practices while gaining access to older musicians who, in many cases, become mentors/tutors to the younger musicians.  Most importantly, all members are presented with the biblical truths woven throughout the musical programs.

As Sacred Winds Ministries, Inc. expands, a primary focus is providing increasing opportunities of biblical and artistic education into larger-reaching events such as music and discipleship programs, publications, conferences as well as continual collaborations with churches and other outreach organizations.  The ministry established its first international mission in Ecuador in 2018 and will be returning in July 2020 to partner with the La Academia Musical Bautista del Ecuador to present the first National Baptist Church Music Congress in Guayaquil (Congreso Nacional de Música de la Iglesia Bautista).


Your recording of "Voyage" is brilliant!!!

Jody Nagel
Composer, Voyage of Discovery

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