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Thomas Mark Breadon Jr. | Bassoon

Name:  Thomas Mark Breadon Jr.

Hometown:  Cincinnati, Ohio

Instrument/Position:  Bassoonist

College(s) attended and private teachers:  Morehead State University, Dr. David Oyen;  The University of Akron, Prof. Cynthia Cioffari

How long have you been associated with Sacred Winds?  Since 2006.  This coming summer will be my fifth year!

What is one thing you enjoy about being a part of Sacred Winds? The love shared between the musicians for both music and each other not only keeps us coming back but lifts the ensemble to a level of entrainment many ensembles can only strive for.

What is your most memorable experience with Sacred Winds?  On our trip to New Orleans some of the “more experienced” members took me under their wing and helped me feel like I truly belonged as a member of the SWE. It was one of the most fun times of my life, even though they did call me “Baby Tom.”

What would you tell someone who is attending their first Sacred Winds event?  Prepare yourself for a truly unique and inspirational experience. This is very literally a one of a kind organization that continues to grow and touch the lives of many.

Hobbies and other interests:  I really love to travel, especially for gigs. Playing sports, and reading a good book.


“I am impressed that the group is not satisfied with merely playing the standard repertoire.”

Thomas W. Bolton, Ph.D.
The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

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