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Nathan Tucker | Horn

Name:  Nathan Tucker

Hometown:  Albertville, AL

Instrument/Position:  Horn

College(s) attended and private teachers:  The University of Alabama, Charles “Skip” Snead & Dr. Kenneth Ozzello

How long have you been associated with Sacred Winds?  Since 2008.

What is one thing you enjoy about being a part of Sacred Winds?  Playing great music at a very high level with purpose.

What is your most memorable experience with Sacred Winds? Playing in New Orleans at First Baptist Church.  There are not really words to describe that meeting.

What would you tell someone who is attending their first Sacred Winds event?  Focus on what matters. You are in for a wonderful blessing and personal growth.

Hobbies and other interests: Hunting, fishing, Alabama Football, gardening & landscaping.


Your performances of the Symphony No.7 movement [IV] are very touching and beautiful.

David Maslanka

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